Opening the Way: The Conscious Road

My conscious journey as a diviner, card-reader and spiritualist began in my very early teens. The journey more likely began before I was even born; that, however, takes rather more explanation than we have time for today so I will come back to that a little later. What I wanted to share with you today was the journey I’ve been on since the moment that I picked up my very first Tarot deck. A deck I would not have had without my mother; much the same as I would not have had a spiritual or material life without her. My mother’s family has always been where I understood my gifts to have originated as I share many of them in common with her mother, my cousins and my great aunts. Let’s get back to that first Tarot deck though!

My mother had acquired A.T. Mann’s Mandala Astrological Tarot and hidden it away in a drawer. One afternoon I found myself led to the drawer, discovered the cards and took to them immediately. That first set of cards unlocked a whole new world of experiences for me. Sadly that first deck is now long out of print and only available periodically in rare, used, and quite expensive copies so I have never been able to replace it. There have been many other decks since then and many new ways of bridging the worlds through spirit in the years since I found that little deck.

Once I started to work with the deck I could be found in the cafeteria at school, the Theater Arts rooms, the library; anywhere and everywhere, shuffling and turning cards for others. I took to it like a duck to water! When my mother realized the deck she had so carefully hidden away had found its way into my hands I began to read for her, for colleagues and university classmates of hers, at fundraisers and events and eventually for people in a variety of settings and venues.

Over time I channeled my resources into books, other decks, spiritual classes and religious studies. A whole universe of possibilities opened up to me as I explored Spiritualism, Reiki, Wicca, Vajrayana Buddhism, Energy Healing, Mediumship, and other modalities and traditions. I took initiations and attunements in a small number of them before eventually being called to Espiritismo and the Orisha tradition of Cuba.

Most of my work today is rooted in my practices as a Spiritual and Card Reader, Medium, Reiki Master and Olorisha; but the places and spaces we’ve journeyed and the companions we walked those roads with never fully leave us. From time to time I find myself drawing on where I have been in ways I can gear towards helping clients fulfill their own potential, explore their own spirituality and facilitate their own healing. All of it because of a little square deck of cards my mother hid away in a drawer so very long ago!