Release and Renew

We have been clearing out things that are broken or that we have not used in a while in preparation for the New Year at home. I have developed a personal practice in recent years of expressing gratitude to each item that I am ready to let go of for the pleasure or service it brought to my life before I discard it or pass it along to someone who can use or enjoy it.

Experience has shown me this simple act of saying thank you, even to an inanimate object, not only frees up the energy that it held for me but it brings up memories associated with how I acquired it, who it came from or where I lived when I purchased it. Those memories allow me to reflect on where life was at in comparison to where it is now and remind me of the continued potential for growth and development we all have as we keep it moving forward.

Aládékojú was born out of the energy freed up by letting go of the past with gratitude, by discarding the things that are broken and by passing along the things that no longer provide me with joy, pleasure or beautiful moments. It is the evolution of the work I began with Divination by David expanded to encompass healing, wellness and a deeper sense of spirituality.

What could you create in 2019 by letting go of broken things? What energy would you free up by passing along the useful things that you no longer need or use to others who may derive some pleasure or benefit from them?

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